A. We transfer younger puppies and kittens, older than 8 weeks, with a health certificate by the veterinarian. We do not ship pets less than 8 weeks old. Breeds that come under the category of dangerous animals as stated by the Government of India cannot be shipped.


A. Pets are shipped in the cargo of the airplane, in kennels, which are climate controlled areas.


A. Yes, absolutely. The cargo is temperature controlled and is pressurized just like the cabin. With all the necessary requirements, your pet is safe in the cargo, and hence there is no need to worry.


A. The transport means depends on the distance and durations of the travel. If you are transferring your pet domestically, covering a short distance, prefer land over ar. However, for longer travels, use airlines for a convenient transfer of your pet.


A. No you cannot do that. Airlines prefer professionals who are well aware about the specifications of the pet relocation, which would otherwise not be followed by locals. For example, wrong kennel size, missing documents and other problems arise with self-relocation, delaying the process even further.


A. The first and foremost thing to do is to have a health checkup done for your pet, so that the health certificate required moving your pet can be made, along with other necessary paperwork.


A. We do not encourage sedation in any circumstances, as it is considered risky and can have side effects. We recommend you not to sedate your pet while on its flight, unless prescribed by the vet.


A. Airlines do not transfer pets during extreme weather conditions; in the hottest as well as chilly months, as it can alter the pressure in the cargo, posing anxiety problems for your pet.


A. Plastic or wooden crates are recommended to transfer pets. Containers that can be moved easily and are spacious enough for your pet are preferred.


A. Your pet will be provided with adequate food and water, and utmost care at the airport, with a caring staff to fulfill other requirements.


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